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Lebanese students are now eligible to participate in internships and practical work experience programmes with renowned Auditing/Accounting firms in Cyprus (like KPMG and Grant Thornton) and receive 1500 hours (50% of what is needed) of ICAEW Technical Work Experience (TWE). TWE is required for the award of the ACA qualification.

P.A. College, since its foundation in 1983, has set as its primary mission to provide excellent educational services in Higher Education, therefore, it has promoted and implemented the idea of quality specialisation in specific areas such as Business Administration (with various specialisations), and Computing, in relation to its application in the business environment. It currently operates in Larnaca as an Executive Business School.

The College’s facilities are modern and fully equipped with cutting-edge technology. Faculty staff and students coexist and operate in an ideal environment that promotes any academic activity (learning, education, research, etc.)

Strategic collaboration
The strategic programmes ‘Graduates Route to ACA’ and ‘Grant Thornton Route to ACA’, constitute P.A. College as the first Higher Education Institution in Cyprus with two degree strategic programmes in collaboration with the ICAEW, and two unique strategic collaborations with KPMG Limited, Cyprus and Grant Thornton Ltd (Cyprus), both reputable auditing firms.

Unique Strategic Collaboration #1: ‘Grant Thornton Route to ACA’
The BA (Hons) degree programme in Business Administration (specialisation in Accounting and Finance), in collaboration with the ICAEW, is the only undergraduate programme in Cyprus which offers 12 exemptions out of the 15 ACA papers, and 190 days of Technical Work Experience at Grant Thornton Ltd (Cyprus) out of the 450 days required for the ACA qualification. The first graduates of the ‘Grant Thornton Route to ACA’ completed the programme in February 2016, and they have all already been employed in reputable auditing firms.

Unique Strategic Collaboration #2: ‘Graduates Route to ACA’
P.A. CollegeThe programme is intended for university degree holders in any field. It has a total duration of only 16 months, and prepares participants for an outstanding professional career in the Accounting /Auditing sector.

The programme offers students 12 exceptions out of the 15 papers required for the professional qualification of ACA of the ICAEW. Additionally, students have the privilege to participate in a unique training scheme at KPMG Limited, Cyprus, and secure 1050 hours of Technical Work Experience which is 1/3 of the total number of hours of work experience required for the professional qualification of ACA.

P.A. College graduates are employed within a short period of time upon graduation. 100% of the graduates who participated in ‘The Grant Thornton Route to ACA’ programme in 2016 have already been employed by internationally recognized auditing firms in Cyprus. The same applies in the case of graduates with degrees in Business Computing and Marketing.

The quality of education in Cyprus and the unique advantages of P.A. College graduates enable them to secure positions in the public, banking, semi-public and private sectors, with bright prospects for the future. Employers highly acknowledge the excellent quality of education offered at P.A. College.

Offered Programs:

BA (Hons) – Business Administration, specialization Marketing Management

Global recognition by:

  • Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK (CIM

BA (Hons) – Business Administration, specialization Accounting & Finance

Global recognition by:

  • ICAEW/ACA (Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales)
  • ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

BSc (Hons) – Business Computing, specialization in computing and in development of information systems and websites


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