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CTL EuroCollege in Limassol, Cyprus


Member of European Union (E.U.)


At CTL Eurocollege not only do we provide our Students with the level of academic excellence demanded by employers, but we also prepare them for the tough challenges of the world of employment and of life as productive and responsible adults.

A variety of Programmes is on offer in the fields of Business, Hospitality & Tourism, Information Technology and Office Administration. In addition, Students who have already earned their Bachelor’s Degree have the opportunity of enhancing their qualifications by progressing on to our Business Administration, MBA Programme.

CTL Students come from a diverse range of background and form a warm, tightly-knit hub of multiculturalism, which significantly contributes to both the academic and personal development of our Students.

Historical Review

CTL Eurocollege was founded in 1991, as an Educational Institution of Higher Education. Its roots, however, go back to 1966, when The CTL Academy was founded in the now closed and occupied city of Famagusta. CTL Academy was a School of Secondary Education of high standards and excellent Academic achievements, and was  renowned among its peers. After a few years of operation, it even went on to offer some Programmes of Higher Education, such as Office Administration, Business Administration, and Banking. CTL Eurocollege inherited those same goals and aspirations from its predecessor, to maintain a high level of education, to treat all Students with respect, as mature Human Beings, independently of race, origin or gender, and to play an important role in Society. Judging from the feedback, all our goals are being achieved, with the hard work from the Administration and Staff.

Philosophy, Mission, and Vision

The College has an open admission policy and is focused on educational excellence and the achievement of equity among the different communities it serves.

The College strives to foster in Students a sense of responsibility for their own development and an understanding of their obligations as members of a democratic society, as well as the desire to learn the habit of analytical and reflective thought and the ability to think clearly and express themselves effectively

Our mission is to empower Students to achieve their goals by providing access to high quality and affordable higher education.  We help them achieve their learning goals and objectives through effective and efficient Programmes of Study and services.

Our vision is to provide excellent educational opportunities and help Students meet economic, social and environmental challenges. It is only through the success of its Students that the College will achieve recognition as a provider of high quality education.

Offered Programs: (Undergraduates)

Bachelor’s Degree (4 years) in:

  • Business Administration
  • Hospitality Management
  • Computer Science
  • Professional Accounting

Higher Diploma (3 years) in:

  • Professional Banking

Diploma (2 years) in:

  • Business Administration
  • eBusiness
  • Marketing & Public Relations
  • Travel & Tourism Management
  • Hotel Administration
  • Computer Studies
  • Web Design for Business
  • Computer Systems & Networking
  • Video Games Developer
  • Law
  • Office Administration
  • Professional Marketing
  • Professional Accounting

Offered Programs: (Postgraduates)

  • MBA – Master of Business Administration (1 Year Full-time, 2 years Part-time)


Bachelor = 128 CR/245 ECTS

Diploma = 64 CR/122 ECTS

MBA = 46 CR/92 ECTS

Year 1

(2 Semesters)

Price in Euros


(1 Year)

Price in Euros

Details (30 CR) (46 CR)
Tuition Fees

4290 – 16% for Lebanese Students

3600 (Discounted for Lebanese students only) 5500 (Discounted for Lebanese students only)
Application Fees 65 65
Migration Fees 85 85
Other Fees 650* 650*
Total 4400 6300


*Other fees include: College Fees, Medical Insurance, Medical check-ups, Immigration Registration, Certification of Immigration documents, Transportation cost from airport to Limassol (optional).


If and when required Price in Euros
Hospitality Fees

Additional fees for Food Preparation subject

Make-up exams 35
Transfer credits evaluation fee

(per subject)


For applications or more information kindly call, e-mail or Whatsapp: