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Aircraft Dispatcher Course

Course Objective

The objective of the Aircraft Dispatcher Course is to train students to acquire satisfactory skills and demonstrate competence in aviation weather, regulations, air Traffic control procedures, aircraft systems and performance, and flight planning.

The aim of the course is to provide introduction and basic aviation knowledge for flight dispatch and flight operations officers (FOO). The course is in accordance with CARC requirements.


Prerequisite/ Pre entry

  1. A medical fit for duty certificate.
  2. A minimum educational level of successful completion of high school (Tawjihi) or equivalents.
  3. The applicant can read, write, speak and understand English language.
  4. Complete successfully Flight Dispatch course in an approved training organization and meets the knowledge, skill and experience requirements of this course.
  1. A minimum age of 21 years for dispatcher license issue.


Total Course Duration:

(9) Months without English language Course. Cost: (7100$).

(15) Months with English language Course. Cost: (9900$).

Accommodation: Costs about (250$-350$) per month for furnished studio next to the Academy.

Course Contents:

Ref. Theory Subjects Hours
1.1 Civil Air Law and Regulations 30:00
1.2 Aviation Indoctrination 12:00
1.3 Basic Aerodynamics 08:00
1.4 Aircraft Mass (weight) and Performance 27:00
1.5 Aircraft Systems 12:00
1.6 Navigation. 24:00
1.7 Air Traffic Management (ATC/ATM). 39:00
1.8 Meteorology. 42:00
1.9 Mass (weight) and balance control. 27:00
1.10 Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Air. 09:00
1.11 Flight Planning incl. ETOPS for (none) certified ETOPS aero planes. 18:00
1.12 Flight Scheduling 16:00
1.13 Aviation Communications incl. Data link (ACARS, AFIS, etc.). 18:00
1.14 Human Factors/Dispatch Resource Management. 15:00
1.15 Security Contingencies (emergencies and abnormal situations) 08:00
1.16 Occurrence and Emergency and Abnormal Procedures (OPS) 08:00
Total 313:00


Ref. Practical Subjects Hours
1.17 Applied practical training flight operations, Practical Dispatch, Security, Human Factors (DRM) Dangerous Goods 25:00
1.18 Flight dispatch practices (on job training) (OJT) 13 weeks 520
1.19 Simulator LOFT observation and synthetic flight training 4:00
Total 862:00


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