Reasons to participate in our International Education Fair

Reasons to participate in our International Education Fair


There’s certainly a place for achieving it at The Middle East Education Market…

  • Recruit Students
    • Meet thousands of high school students with their parents and advisors face to face
    • Introduce your higher studies and professional programs to graduate and continuing study seekers
  • Buy & Sell 
    • Reveal the latest teaching & learning products and resources to decision makers from public and private sectors in charge of upgrading educational infrastructure and facilities of the region
    • Find the best offers among the most recent education & training solutions
  • Expand Your Presence
    • Establish permanent presence in the region through professionals & institutions seeking partnerships
    • Get acquainted to the latest government initiatives and projects in the field of education and seize contracts that best demonstrate your global business strategies
  • Share Knowledge
    • Exchange views with like-minded education and training experts and share recent findings with colleagues from around the globe

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